Holograph is a hypersonic post punk band from Cape Town, South Africa. Their wall of sound is both freeing and captivating, with dense layers and depth of space.


Starting in early 2020 with a handful of demos, Warren Fisher (The Future Primitives, Black Lung, The Deathrettes) began working with Desmond Kannemeyer (Runaway Nuns) and Ines Soutschka (Julia Robert) to flesh out the songs and develop into what will become their initial releases. Calvin Siderfin (Dangerfields, The Very Wicked) joined the band shortly before the recording of their debut singles in late 2020 and thus, Holograph was born.

Photo by Mark Reitz

Their music can be described as post punk but has elements of new wave, 80’s pop as well as country and hip hop. This electret combination of flavours creates something incredibly unique and is further enhanced by its members background in genres such as garage, indie, psych, punk and shoegaze.


Holograph have currently scheduled their debut single and music video for release in May 2021.

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